vrijdag 28 november 2008

A Tree Full of Secrets

Momenteel wordt gezocht naar de geschikte locatie voor het volgende werk.
Wanneer deze gevonden is, kan ik aan de slag.
Tot dan is het stil afwachten en genieten van oud werk met binnenkort nieuwe werken.

zaterdag 13 september 2008

Tears to come

Night is falling, 
music muted.
But you never know how close,
but you know how far.

Fighting to survive

Little friend,
as I stand watching you
I came to realise that
what we do isn't important today.
We sleep, we eat, we work,
over and over again,
but for what purpose?



I forget

Close enough

"I could bite like a tarantula
Right through the skin
And leave my poison dripping"



Dive into the unknown and hopefully don't remember when it ends.

Saterday get notting done

In order to keep the dream alive, the dream in which I'm dying all the time, comes new waves, new tracks.  
A final statement growing and getting ready to be unleashed.
One more time I breath and feel.

To keep this all going I present
"Great Thursday's in Forests and Lakes"

dinsdag 1 juli 2008


Even voor de duidelijkheid:

Alle postkaart foto's uit de "Made in .. " lijn zijn 10 x 15 cm en zijn € 2 / stuk. Afgedrukt op postkaartpapier, te versturen als postkaart.
Sommige zijn ook beschikbaar op 30 x 40 cm formaat, op aanvraag, voor 20 € / stuk.

Alle andere zijn ook te koop, normaal staat alle informatie erbij, moest dit niet het geval zijn gelieve mij  te verwittigen.


Nieuwe foto van een stukje Antwerpen.  
Verkrijgbaar formaat 30x40 cm.
€ 20.

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"Made in .. Antwerp"

New photo in the line " Made in .. Antwerp".

"Made in .. Hungary"

Normaly there were also 5 cards in this one, but one might also choose another.
So in the line "Made in .. Antwerp" there's one more.

"Made in .. Paris"

To inform you all that the line "Made in .. Paris" is delayed untill further notice.
Note delayed instaid of cancelled.

Update coming soon.

donderdag 5 juni 2008

"Made in .. Paris"

Update coming next week, after studying.  So that will be wednesday or thursday.
Newsflash:  there will be new postcards available and this time it's going to be
"Made in .. Paris" ! 
They're square pictures taken with an old Mamiya 220 camera.

Be sure to come back end of next week.

vrijdag 16 mei 2008

1st Blog!

Hear hear!
To those who wants to listen.
My first blog on this new site.
It's about photo's and photography.
Work coming up soon, be sure to come back soon!