zaterdag 13 september 2008

Tears to come

Night is falling, 
music muted.
But you never know how close,
but you know how far.

Fighting to survive

Little friend,
as I stand watching you
I came to realise that
what we do isn't important today.
We sleep, we eat, we work,
over and over again,
but for what purpose?



I forget

Close enough

"I could bite like a tarantula
Right through the skin
And leave my poison dripping"



Dive into the unknown and hopefully don't remember when it ends.

Saterday get notting done

In order to keep the dream alive, the dream in which I'm dying all the time, comes new waves, new tracks.  
A final statement growing and getting ready to be unleashed.
One more time I breath and feel.

To keep this all going I present
"Great Thursday's in Forests and Lakes"